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Corporate identity Strategic Dredging

Strategic dredging is a consultancy for the international dredging industry. Dredging a way to create more draft in the water for waterworks and waterways or to raise raw materials for, for example, the basement of an artificial island. Strategic Dredging provides advice on technical and business levels.

Thereby it means that many reports are generated by the company. The new corporate identity also offers a handle in creating reports. Various additional content items to display the numbers and results are included. Such as diagrams.

Strategic Dredging gives advise on the various levels inside a company. This levels has been translated to the corporate identity in 3 basic departments. The 3 departments of a production business have been translated to the three primary colors from the logo. These colors are reflected in the entire house style. For example, red stands for the management of the company. As soon as a chart or diagram contains red colored data, this information should be mentioned the management of the company.

Strategic dredging already had a logo. We have adjuste it to a better attune to the new identity of the company.

All this is published in a digital (PDF) corporate identity manual which can be consulted by the client or executive advertising company when making communication or advertising material. The correct use of logo, fonts and other style characteristics are documented in it.