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Corporate identity Sentec international

For Sentec international, an international player in the field of large format print media, we have been asked to develop the logo and corporate identity. Sentec is located in both Germany and the Netherlands and supplies to more than 40 countries worldwide.
tijdslijn Sentec international

Sentec international BV exist since 1992. Until 2017, the company communicated under the logo it received in 1992. At the time, the company mainly operated in thermal paper (known from the cashier paper), but this has been extended over the years with many types of print media. Therefore the original logo no longer overarching the business strategy.

Logo ontwerp Sentec international

↑ | The new logo, which can last for many years, has various versions so it can be used and applied in various and different ways. Thereby it will be able to be responsive to different media. A few different options are shown above.